About Us

Whiffer Sniffers is a range of amazingly scented collectible, functional and fun plush characters. Each wacky character is filled with personality and a delightful scent that matches the character’s  appearance.

Whiffer Sniffers was launched in January  2015 in the USA  and hit the stores in April 2015. They became a Social ‘Scentsation’ with over 4 Million views on YouTube in five months. The fragrances are produced in the U.S. and are guaranteed to last for at least a year. Kids won’t be able to resist them. They will collect’ em, give’ em and trade’ em. They’re so much fun!

Whiffer Sniffers has two toy industry awards already under its nose. TTPM™, the leading review site for toys, tots, pets and more, released its Most Wanted Toys List for the 2015 Holiday Season and awarded The Original Whiffer Sniffers™ as one of the Most Wanted Toys in its Collectible Toy Category! Shortly after that announcement, the Tillywig Awards Program, which evaluates and selects best children’s products, parenting products, and educational products available in today’s marketplace, awarded Whiffer Sniffers with the Tillywig Sterling Fun Award. 2016 Product of the Year Creative Child Magazine. In 2017 the Whiffer Sniffers were mentioned by The Toy Insider as the best Back to School item.

Series A was launched in South Africa by Olive and Charlie in August 2017. For more information about Olive and Charlie please go to www.oliveandcharlie.co.za.

We expect them to become a favourite stocking filler for the festive season as well as a back to school 2018 item.